how to use

The extraordinary folding rule

Frontside can be used as any common folding rule.

Scale on the backside allows to determine the diameter of an object.


A normal caliper just manages up to 8cm
With KNAKKE you are able to measure diameters
up to 30cm / 12.5 inches

The daily situation

A craftsman who does not carry along his personal folding rule is hard to imagine. The folding rule is part of his basic tooling equipment. In many branches numberless measurement are made each day. However, as soon as the diameter of an object with no accessible frontside must be determined, a vernier caliper is typically required. Even though such a caliper may be available, its capabilities end where diameter exceeds 8cm.

The practical solution

  • KNAKKE - developed and patented for the requirement of craftsmen, daily situations and do-it-yourselfers!
  • KNAKKE - a tool for measuring length and for determining diameters at the same time
  • KNAKKE - simply place in a triangular shape around the object to be measured and read off the diameter

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